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English: Love Question

English: Love Question (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why is everyone asking God why? Is that some sick joke, or a question for the blind. The why is not found in God, but in the evil and corruption of mankind.  God is not a God to be questioned, or put to blame. If you are blaming God for the killings and lack of prayers in your home. You should be a shame, shame ,shame.

God’s promises are always kept.  If I recall correctly, it was Jesus who wept and died on that cross. Who are we to ask God why, when we fill our temples with

hate instead of hope

anger instead of love

jealousy instead of thankfulness

 bitterness instead of forgiveness

revenge instead of peace

deceit and lies. 

When we should be grateful for God’s love and mercy on our lives. So the next time you want to question God by asking all the why’s. Just look in the mirror and your reflection you will see. All the why’s should be answered by you and me.

I’m just the messenger as you can see. Why should the sin of the world be at God’s feet? He should not be blamed because it was our evil and wicked ways that He gave His life that we may be saved. Also because He love us. Our sins led Him to the cross, but love not nails kept Him there. He could have come off that cross in the blink of an eye, but He endured unimaginable pain for you and I.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥