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We teach our little ones how to pray, so when they become one of us (adults), they will not stray away. So we have prayer and share God’s law in the home, but why is God not allowed in schools where He belongs?The adversary is very smart, and is for division and not unity. This is why it’s the small children of God who lives he seeks. Destroy a small miracle the future of tomorrow, and you as the parent lose hope and trust in God.  Then the devil has accomplished what he seeked out to do. He knew if he took your little one(s), he would have YOU!

Yet, God has a greater plan I thought you knew. God is always for unity and love, not division and fear. If you read your bibles you would know that broken hearts draws God near.  When a tragedy strikes such as this know that God is always in the midst. What’s the true message God is sending to you and me from a tragedy such as this?

I believe it’s a question of faith of who you will start, or continue to trust? What is the true message that’s being inscribed in your heart? I don’t know for you, but for me it’s Schools Without God Fall Apart. As for the wounded soul that took so many lives that are now gone. Perhaps he too was missing Jesus in his home.

So don’t ridicule or judge him because God is judge alone. Be a voice to put God in the schools and keep in our homes. If you and your child don’t know God.  Please get to know Him by inviting Him in.

So a tragedy that even calls for the President to step in. Perhaps if the President speaks to Congress, and pass the bill to allow God back in. A tragedy such as this magnitude wouldn’t have happen to begin with. Because keeping God out of anywhere especially, in schools, to me is a SIN.

Our children become confused because God is God at home for some, but in the schools He must be left at home. I teach my little ones to pray wherever they are including school. If they get caught, who cares because it is then I know Jesus is now there because they have invited Him in. Rejecting God or not allowing Him in is not just some law, but it is a SIN.

Blessings this morning as God tugs at my heart and elevate me to be the voice of truth, and obedience to see truth, even if people turn away from it, but know it’s real. Obedience is faith  walking in love covered by truth. Why are we here blogging for God? So our Christian faith don’t fall apart. We share God’s word, so all will know, the right path they  must go.

What will you do with this message today? Will you click the light button and go astray. Will you share it with others, or not say a word? Do whatever tugs at your heart. Remember many eyes are seeking God over the internet. Social networking to me is doing God’s will by spreading His word.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥