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Remember this!

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This message is so profound, but true. When the time comes you will know when the relationship is out of balance. If the person is not willing to be equally yoke in giving, and receiving. To include truly allowing their actions to speak over their empty promises and bag of excuses. I often hear one say, “God knows my heart.” Yes, He does because He sees the hurt you have caused another heart because of self. Somehow this makes it okay to wrong another, without confessing or making things right? Don’t run from your wrongs make them right, at whatever cost!

There are people who will find you worthy, and appreciate you going the distant, because you only will have to travel half the distant because they will meet their half of the distant. Some people will build their storehouses off of your good fruit. It’s like you labor and then they collect the profits of your hard work (time)!

Words with no actions is like a dark world with no God. It becomes out of balance and surrounded with pure negativity with no safety net.  Some people are a blessing in your life, and some a lesson. I believe the receivers and givers are a lesson and blessing. In the end both are experienced because you learn your lesson by releasing the hurt, or bitterness from pain.  It’s replaced with positive outcomes and people in your life which becomes your (hidden blessings).

You live a healthier lifestyle, and things become more clear to God’s purpose for you. That experience brought you to where God needed you to be.  Don’t be angry with the person, but continue to show love because it was a lesson on what you needed to work on or change in self. What or who to keep, or let go. Don’t allow hurt from a previous relationship or friendship to hinder new ones.

You are worthy to give love and to also receive love! You are worthy to receive truth and give truth to the people who matter and don’t matter in your life. God hates a liar!

Sad but true!!!!!! :0(

photo credit: pinterest.com

Blessings to you

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥