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Lies (Photo credit: mcritz)

Lies, lies, followed by another one.

You lie so much it becomes the norm.

What causes one to lie?

Do you lie for a reaction, self-satisfaction, or to just belong?

Have you not heard the old song, the truth should set you free?

Spreading lies is like cancer, an infectious disease.

Causing illness and pain to all it touches.

Becoming nearly exposed, not wanting to die.

Playing hide and seek from free confession while, covering truth.

It runs for cover, by telling another lie.

It causes continuous chaos, and broken hearts.

I will tell you that lies will separate us from the love of God, family

and friends too. Because everyone knows a lie comes with a high price tag.

I thought you knew!



May we confess our lies. How can you make things right with God if you have not made right with your brethren? Sometimes we have to face our wrongs head on even when it hurts, or is a very hard shame to face. When someone lies to you then it says you are not worth the truth!