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I’m no writer, just an ordinary woman inscribing heartfelt songs from my heart for my love of an omnipresent God. I may make a few or more spelling errors…..it’s okay. I may not add a comma here or there. But the God I serve,”said ” He is not interested in my grammar, but my true heart.” Each and everyday I give God all I got. I pray it is enough Lord.  God is my author.

photo credit:victorialifestyles.com

Sun Upon Thy Face

As you arise with the sun upon thy face

Generate an expression of love

Not your love, or my love

 But a love greater

Than you and me

A heartfelt love that loves unconditionally

Your heartfelt intention

Should be in accordance with His laws

not mines, yours, or family and friends

As the sun arise upon your face

Remember it is His love, mercy and unrelenting grace

That allowed you to see another day.

As you share pastimes with family and friends

and open the unknown from under the tree

it was never about gifts, but a love that set us free

This year, remember those who have no family, or

No friends here, or near.  So be thoughtful, and thankful.

Please say a prayer. It was the prayers of others that kept you here.

As the sun goes down from upon thy face, don’t forget our Savior,

 And His amazing grace. Wishing you all a Happy Holidays

in Jesus name, without Him Christmas would not be the same.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥

Lord, thank you for allowing me to interact each and everyday with my sisters and brothers in Christ. Sharing your word, our experiences, and our TAGS (talents, abilities, gifts, and skills) with each other. May you be an armour of protection around every soul. May you look upon those less fortunate, and may your many blessings grace them. Amen.