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photo credit: alighthouse.com

Marcy was the age of eight, and lived in a small local town. She would hear about God from local residents. She became very curious about God.  Always asking questions. Her mom would not make the time to indulge, because of chores, and cooking for her, and her siblings. So she went to her neighbor Annie, and asked do God live here? Annie replied, “no, God lives in Heaven.”

Marcy, went to Mrs. Sue, who lived on Heaven Street, and asked, Do God live here? Mrs. Sue said no . Puzzled Marcy, continued to go to each door asking for God. Each person gave the same answer. Marcy was sad! She wanted to know who He was, but could not find Him. So, she rode her bike to Grandma Willie’s place, and asked who God was.

Grandma replied, “He is the bread of life.” Marcy raced out the door, onto her bike, and headed for home. 

The next day, store shelves were out of bread, and flyers were put out. Asking everyone to come to Marcy’s backyard. Marcy had taken her savings, and bought all the bread from the local store. She handed each person a loaf of bread, and said, ” eat this bread, its an invitation to let God in.”

Everyone looked at each other in surprise, and began to slowly eat.  She explained you all talk about God, yet He doesn’t live in your homes. Everyone began to laugh, smile, and share God’s word. 

They all were taught a lesson that day by an eight year old girl. How many of you share God with others, but not your children? How many of you will deny Jesus in your homes? How many of you know of Him, but have no intimate relationship with Him? How many of you know God has a sense of humor?

There is a lesson in the smallest things. Put the words in bold together by drawing a line to each one. You will have an oval of sharing God.

Grandma Willie smiled, as Marcy hugged her neck, and whispered. “Yes, grandma Jesus is the bread of life.”