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Forgiveness lesson from flowers

Forgiveness lesson from flowers (Photo credit: juliejordanscott)

If I could be any word

I would be forgiveness.

If you have no forgiveness, then you have no love.

I would forgive, and ask to be forgiven.

For we all have wronged at some point in time

who am I, to place your wrongs over mine?

I chose forgiveness because it shows an act

of obedience, and makes sense to do what’s pleasing to

God, and not ignite a fuse.

Forgiveness, is an act of love. It should not be abused, because

it is commanded by God. If you cannot forgive one.

Then you deny the only begotten son.

“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”

I remember these words, so should you.

I chose forgiveness, how about you?