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christmas 2007

christmas 2007 (Photo credit: paparutzi)

share love to all without prejudice

hug someone who is unloved

keep hope in the hopeless outlooks

give to the less fortunate

be thankful for what you have

pray without ceasing

keep faith in God

Trust in His timing

This is unwrapping the Savior

 photo credit: sodahead.com

 Children of God.

We are here, Jesus is here, so let’s give Him the glory and honor by remembering the true reason for the season. Hug your babies, and hug someone else babies. Feed the unfortunate. Put together and give out homeless packets. Do something for someone other than family, and friends.  Go to a shelter, and handout some toys that your little ones don’t use anymore.

Let your children give the toys themselves. Show them real love and the need to share with others. Surprise your enemy with a gift of forgiveness. God is watching you! Go through your closet, and give clothes to a charity in need. Your shoe closet. Donate an old vehicle to your local goodwill. Step out and trust God.

It feels so good to give. To put a smile on someone else’s heart. Don’t do it to be seen. Remember do it from the wellspring of your heart. I love you all with the Heart of God. Be safe.