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When you are a woman or a man, who is a Christian, you may be subjected to unloving people. You may become unloving in return. You may be subjected to bitterness, jealousy, hidden sarcasm, and unloving words. You may be attacked for no reason at all. You may respond like the world.

When you are a Christian first, who just so happen to be man, or woman. You respond with kindness, and continuously show love, no matter what! Because God is watching you. Remember, you are only responsible for what you say, and do. Not the other person. We are being tempted by the devil, and tested by God at all times.   When your actions and words don’t line up with God’s word, then you are just a man, or woman living in a world of sin. Claiming to be a Christian. God’s word says, do. Man’s words says but……..