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Copyright Jean L. Hays

photo credit: Jean L Hays

Inner Sun- My Love Light

As I stared out the window of the 708 Fulton Café, whose lot was filled with cars, but no bodies. The morning sun played hide, and seek. I sat for hours waiting for the sun to shine with promises of hope. The café was now empty, and dark.  I prayed to God, where are you today?

God replied, “I’m here even in the stillness, and dark.”  He continued, Your inner sun perfects your fate, the outer perfects deception, and doubt..” I looked up. There sat the stained glass of the sun, brightening the café, and warming my cold coffee of doubt.

My deathless, love light stays with me.


I found Jesus light to be profound most in my darkest times. Blessings to you.