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Forgiveness (Photo credit: KateWares)

As the new leaves spring forth, and the old leaves decay away.

May all unloving words, and actions be forgiven, and laid to rest.

Allow the past to dissolve, even if it was not resolved.  If a wound is still

open, then close it with forgiveness, and God will do the rest.

I know it is not something easy to do, but holding on to hurt,

and keeping score will keep our blessings behind locked doors.

Doors that can only be open by the love of a forgiving heart.

So bury 2012, with forgiveness, and give birth to 2013 with a heart that

pleases God.

Shenine- A Woman After God’s Own Heart

I will treat you with kindness, even when you are unloving in your actions and words. You have a choice to be kind, loving, and forgiving.