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John 3:30.  He must increase, but I must decrease.

photo credit: google.com

If we just follow this message. Life would look more promising. We cannot be above His throne.

Lord, I want you to increase in me, so I decrease myself at your feet. I am nothing without you, Lord. Let your light shine through me for all to see. That I have allowed you to increase in me by decreasing self. I thank you Father for finding me worthy to share your word. Thanking you for mercy, and grace upon my life, and all you have put in my path.

Decrease me

As I willingly stumble onto the floor at your feet.

My tears fall relentlessly.

Each drop filled with pure sorrow, and shame of my sins.

If I decrease me Lord, you will have room to come in.

My tears began to wash your Holy feet.

You have room to grow because I decreased me.

I remain there because when I’m with you

I feel complete in every way.

Decreasing me, I shall practice everyday in every way.