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Children of God, who are we writing for?

God, or self?

When we share a message it should be truthful, but loving. I am writing from a heart that is obedient to God’s request from me. Be it encouragement, testimony, or a confession. Why grammar, and punctuation correction is fine. I am not one to get caught up in it. When God places a word to give, then my test is obedience.  That entails you to resource His word to make sure it is in alignment before digesting it.

Even if you are not Christian blogging, God is still the Creator of life and death.

Therefore, some people are just stepping out on faith to trust God.  So be careful you expert writers, who constantly look for grammatical errors, and not the lesson in the message. Critique your own blog, or book. But, be careful that God is your author, and not you. Don’t rewrite someone else story of how they received it. Receive it the way you receive it, and share it with them. Everyone then benefits.

If you are someone who is correcting another on how their story should go, by trying to change their vision vs. sharing your vision. Then how can you become offended, when you are the offender? So you decide to not follow, or click the like button. Then look in the mirror. Because it is then you will see that self has gotten in the way. Your love is based on who agrees with you, and never tells you that there is only one of you!

If the person seeks your personal opinion, that’s different because it is welcomed. Seek permission first, it shows respect.

We will all have different visions, because we are different. Stop judging others on their imperfections.  I ask that you seek God on being loving, while letting each heart be their own heartbeat that seeks God. Perhaps writing is your gift, and not the other person. Maybe you are studying how to write a book. The other person may be studying the real book (Bible).

I write the song of my heart in sync with God, if you don’t know it then it is you, who must seek God to listen to it. Who is writing your songs?

When you read a post, or message it may have a different meaning to another reader. Why? Because we are all on different levels spiritually. Encourage, and build each other up! If you get too caught up in the grammar, punctuation, and changing someone else’s story, you lose the true message. The scriptures have one meaning. Gods way. God is love. Be thoughtful, or learn silence.

Grammar is not required to get into Heaven. Punctuation has nothing to do with Faith.

Jesus name is not English, for He speaks every language. I’m sure there is an adult who died not knowing how to read, or write. But He knew songs of forgiveness for all who picked, and laugh at Him. He is in Heaven singing, songs of praise. Get off your throne, and give praises to God, who blesses you with your gifts. Your gifts are for His kingdom, not to be above, or belittle others.