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To those who have been broken, and thrown out like trash. Remember, God is love, and that means being responsible for showing love, not strife and bitterness. I was inspired to write this piece on no one can delete you. God created you, and you have a true purpose to His kingdom. So no matter what, allow Him to go before you. Seek to do the right thing, and do it. Don’t be tempted by the enemy.

People will try to provoke you, and hurt you, but when you allow God to go before you. He will receive the pain, bitterness, sins, hurts, and tears for you. It is not yours to carry. Be it relationships, or friendships. He is near the brokenhearted. Be blessed.

Delete Me 

How can you delete me when you did not create me?

You say you are a child of God, yet your heart

is hard, and your soul is bitter. Your mouth is filled with

gossip, and lies with people who has no ties.  You delete me

like some terminal disease, and turn around to tell the world it is God

you please.  I forgave you, because it was the right thing to do.

Deleting someone you say you love, is not how the man above does.

Holding a grudge is a sin, I will continue to show love to the very end.

You continuously claim to be my friend, while talking behind my back.

That’s a sin, when you should be talking to me. To those who don’t know me, but can

give you friendly advice when they never met my heart. So play victim to the very

end, you should speak truth if you going to make new friends, or stay in a relationship.

When you read your bible, and claim to be saved. Remember the man

above has paved the way.  I will continue to show love, as I have done before.

This time it is at a distance with my knees to the floor. Be careful of the knives you

throw, you see. Because God always go before me. Are you consulting God,

or consulting others who have everyday problems like you, and me? So how can

you delete me when you did not create me. When you delete me it is you who

carries a bitter seed, not me. Loving your brother, and sisters is required to enter

Heaven, you see. You should practice love, and unity.