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Quadruple combination opened to the Book of Is...
Quadruple combination opened to the Book of Isaiah – note the cross references between Biblical and Latter-day Saint scripture in the footnotes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I stared at that mountain that seemed to always be in my way.

My lost friend stood on one side, and me on the other.

My blessings were just behind that mountain.

My healing was just behind that mountain.

My miracle from God was just behind that mountain.

How God, do you expect my 135 lbs to move a mountain?

He replied,” Matthew 17:20

Lord, who is Matthew ?

God replied: My guidance on moving mountains, located in your Bible.

If only I knew what that scripture read. I had not read my bible in months. The furthest I got was Genesis, and I would have to dust him off.

So later that night, I picked up my bible and began to read Matthew 17:20,

and this what it said:

And Jesus said unto them, (his disciples,) Because of your unbelief: for verily
I (Jesus) say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed,
ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall
remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

Well, I got up the next day, walked 2 miles to that old mountain. My friend, and I shared my blessings, by reading our bibles, and studying God’s word. My miracle was to be in the presence of God. If I was going to be in His presence, surely I must know His instructions, right? It took  mustard size faith to believe in the impossible.  But most importantly, knowing God’s promises is the lesson in this story. Knowing the scripture is one thing, applying it daily is another. I moved that mountain without one scratch on me.

Yes, I knew that scripture, and now you do too. So use it to move those mountains. This is for purposes of making a point of how lost we would be without the word.

May you be encouraged by this post, and perhaps learned a lesson. Read your bible daily not just as some New Years Resolution, where you are all excited about meeting Jesus, just to discover five days later that Jesus was a temporary goal that sounded good at the time. Each year people make the same resolution just to walk in the same old shoes of un-kept resolutions.

Don’t make promises to God, that you are not going to keep!