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focused on the fence

focused on what lies ahead

Short and sweet.

What are you focused on? ..wait ..What am I focused on? Am I focused on that one thing holding me back, or the beauty that lies ahead?

I only know of four ways to get around a fence in life.

1. climb over, jump it

2. dig a hole, go under

3. push it down

4. walk around until you find a way around or inside

Whichever route, I’ve gotta be focused on my goals, not necessarily the obstacle all the time. Don’t let it fence me in!!! I have to view my goals as bigger than my obstacles. With our human eyes, we can only literally focus on one thing at a time. And I’m tired of tired eyes! It’s time to refocus.

What are you focused on now? Take action.

-Stacey Shu

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