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I woke up this morning, stood in the window, and what did I see?

A child of God full of hope, and His promises to me. 2012 is gone, and

it took my pain, hurt, and abuse. I let it go, I had no use for it anymore.

I promise to trust God, as I should have before. I will just focus on the now

while keeping my eyes on Him, and my knees glued to the floor.

The new me is walking in faith like never before. You see God has a plan for me,

and I can’t let self, or you get in my way. Those days of fear don’t live here anymore.

The past is behind me now, as the same should apply to you.

I am a child of God who made it, I’m one in a few.

I look now in the mirror, and what do I see? A reflection of light staring at me.

A light filled with hope, and the promises of God. Your lies, deceit, and unloving ways

will never keep me apart from the love of my God.

Happy New Year!

I see the light. My battle with the world is not my fight. I lifted my hands, and

surrendered it to that reflection of light, that keeps staring at me in all my

nakedness.  I welcomed His Presence, that beautifully graced me!


Shenine – A Woman After God’s Own Heart