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Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. We should always consult God in everything.  It shows respect for our sisters, and brothers, but most importantly, God.  When we arise from bed, we should give praises with our mouth, and thanksgiving in our hearts. We should ask God for guidance throughout the day for our actions, and our words.

What is your first response when a situation arise? Is it to go to human knowledge, approval, and understanding. Or to seek, and look to God for answers?

This is not about tick for tack. You are not choosing one, or the other. I’m simply asking which do you do first. When you are sick, do you reach out to God first, or the medicine bottle? Who do you seek on marriage counseling first, a friend, marriage counselor, or God? If you have a relationship fall apart on you leaving you emotionally devastated, will you reach out to God first, or others to fill that void?

So who do you consult first? Whatever our tendency has been in the past lets begin to choose to “Consult God First!” When we begin to comment, or post here on the blogs, are we consulting God, first? If you read something that you are not sure of, do you correct your brother out of love (based on God’s commandments)? When you ask yourself if you are in alignment with the word of God, then you are consulting Him at that very moment.

Are you attacking that person because you don’t agree with them? Maybe you envy them, and just want to create chaos. Or just perhaps you decided to play God (test them), to see if you can take them out of character.

We must consult God first, because when we do, our actions, and words are out of love to building each other up. However, this is not the sole purpose of just building each other up, but us doing what is required by God for us to do. Even when we are correcting, or giving constructive criticism. Everything about God is pure Love. I asked, that you consult God, before commenting because we are here to build each other up, and not condemn. We have new hearts meeting God, and old hearts that are being renewed.

Personally, there are a lot of personal attacks on different blogs, that are not pleasing to God. If you have an issue with your brothers do it privately (email them). Don’t try, and ridicule, or cause a public show(what do you gain) ? This turns new hearts away when they read the comment section, and there is friction igniting. God is of decency, and order.

“Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.” Colossians 4:6

Personally, I will show love, but not engage in things that take my eyes off God. Let us do everything pleasing to God. I pray, and ask God that everything He requires here on these blogs be for His glory. I want each heart to be encouraged as we strive to do what’s required of us. I’m imperfect, but making a choice to Consult God first! Let us close the wounds of hurt, and abuse by being thoughtful, and loving to each other.

Lord, thank you once again for breathing fresh air into my lungs. Giving me a song of encouragement wrapped in forgiveness, and marinated in love….your love Jesus.  You are the only one I trust with my heart.  Amen.