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8th commandment Thou shall not steal!

Questions, would love to hear your understanding of this commandment.

Question #1– If you  go to the store, and the cashier rings only part of your items, and you pay for the total less than what you walk out with. Is this a blessing, or stealing?

Question #2 – If you are given someone else’s groceries, but you decide to keep them because you are a frequent shopper at this particular store, and believe it was the cashier’s oversight. Is this stealing?

Question #3– If you are married, but you and your spouse are living together, and each of you use a different address to claim a child a piece by filing two separate tax returns. Is this stealing?

Question#4 If you are driving on the highway, and see an array of beautiful flowers, and decide to pick some to take home to your wife. Is this stealing to you?

Question#5 If you purchase burnt dvd copies of movies, or music from someone is this stealing?

Question#6 If you download iTunes from a friend, who purchased them, and now decides to allow you to download is this stealing?

Question#7 If you promise someone you will do something, or visit them, and decide to lie, or not keep your promise without making peace with them or arrangements. In considering this question, what was lost for the other person? Consider other plans they could have made, had they not believed in your words. Is this stealing? Could this fall under Thou shall not lie, and steal?

You may ponder over these questions. God has placed these upon my heart to share with each of you. You may answer all, some or none. But if you have read this then you cannot look back and say you did not know, or was given grounds to consider right, or wrong in god’s eyes.

I am not here to judge, but to be obedient and present these questions for however they may deal with your heart, or someone you may know. It allows us to open our hearts to the eighth commandment in its entirety. Again just being obedient to the Holy Spirit which tugs at my heart, and convicts me of my own wrongdoings. Can you say you don’t steal, or perhaps stealing has a different meaning to you. But not to God. God’s opinion is the only opinion that matters .

Have a blessed day! Please add your answers, or thoughts. Be mindful that we are all learning and spiritually growing. So be respectful of others comments, and respond with love, and not attacks here. Most importantly, ponder in your heart what God is speaking to you at this moment. This applies to our children too.

Remember God gives us authority over evil. Doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart.