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Heavenly Father, I ask that you stand in the midst at the beginning, and end of each comment, and post. Lord, I am here to do your will, and not that of my own, or others. Lord, I decided to be obedient to your word, and to show love to all, to include the difficult that randomly pass through here. As well as, those who may be faced with hurt throughout the day.

This is not my blog, it belongs to you God, because I belong to you, God. Lord, these post, and comments are here for you to do as you please. I don’t strive to seek, but to submit to you Jesus. I care about the souls that meet here, and I will not compete with the world of flesh. I am a woman who re-submits to God each day.

I am a follower of Jesus. I am not perfect, but this tells me I need Him. I don’t know it all, that’s why I look to Him for guidance. I look to encourage, love, and inspire here because Lord, you command me too. I don’t look for the numbers in the followers because I am no God. You are the only true one that each heart should truly follow. I pray that everyone submit to Christ, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you before posting, and unveiling your hearts on the blogs. When we become in flesh you can become bitter, and not show the love of Christ. There is no shame in God. We are sisters, and brothers in Christ put here to love, embrace in unity, and praise to the Almighty Jehovah!

These writings here are for the kingdom of Christ to encourage, inspire, and share God’s word as He sees fit for His children. I submit to Christ, alone! I deserve no rewards, but the grace of God is sufficient. I pray everyday for God to decrease me, and to increase in me, and every heart that meet here should mimic this. I am not here to please you, but to please God.

May the words here be pleasing in thy sight O’ God! Lord, as your obedient, and submissive servant, I asked that you put a shield of protection over this blog from those that may try to hinder your purpose, and plan.  I rebuke ridicule, unloving actions, distractions, sarcasm, bitterness, jealousy, envy, hatred, and anything that is not like you.

Lord, bring healing to the broken, clarity to the confused, love to the vexed, faith to the unfaithful, obedience to the disobedience, and peace to the confusion. Lord, bless this blog for your Glory, and the other blogs that submit to do your will, and not for personal pleasure, attention, or fame.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. This means it can form, but Lord you will be my armor of protection. Lord, you will stand before me. I say thank you Lord! I trust you with my heart Lord, let it be so far into you that others must submit to you to see it. Jesus, put your blood of protection over these blogs. Stand in the midst Lord. Amen.

Shenine – A Woman Submitting to God.