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Holy Spirit Stained Glass

Holy Spirit Stained Glass (Photo credit: hickory hardscrabble)

Have you ever wondered if you were praying effectively? I have. Are my prayers really reaching the ears of the Holy One? What exactly is effective praying? Well, for me it is simply allotting early morning time with Him. Putting Him at the beginning of my day, praising Him, in every circumstance, and situation. I simply ask the Holy Spirit to come into my heart. How do I receive the Holy Spirit? By simply becoming still, and listening.

Most of the time God wants us to listen, and allow Him to speak, and give direction. So this is my time to rest in Him. Just say,” Holy Spirit, You are my Teacher. I need to       know how to deal with this or that in prayer.” And, Elohim (God the Most High)will answer.

Wow….imagine that the only talking I do is the initial invite. Then I sit in silence, and just wait & listen for His still voice. I have begun my series on Psalm 91. It has been tugging at my heart. It has great dimensions, and is powerful. As I allow Psalm 91 to consume me, I ask that each of you continue to stop by, and read other post that tugs at your heart. I will share with you along the way of my journey with Psalm 91, as the Holy Spirit leads me.

I must become still, and listen to the Altogether Lovely (Song of Sol. 5:16). For He is my All in All. Col 3:11.  When you have that burning desire to be intimate with Christ, you must be have a burning desire to spend time with Him, and then be patient. Followed by hearing what He is saying to you. Blessings to you, and thank you for stopping by here.

Lord, I have made a decision to dwell in Your secret place, the secret place of the Most High, not that of bondage, and confusion.  This is the intent of my heart, but I need your help to stay consistent in staying there, in abiding under Your shadow, O Most High, and not that of the world. In my own strength this is impossible.  But, in You, O Lord, all things are possible. For you are the Only true God!  I will keep my eyes on the hills which cometh my Help! My ears to your peace. Amen.


A Woman Submitting To Christ.