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God in box on shelf_(Rights available upon fli...

God in box on shelf_(Rights available upon flickrmail request) (Photo credit: optimistic on America)

Is this what your shelf looks like? Have you placed God on the shelf?  Why do we complain so much? You wake up with a migraine, and go to bed with a pile of bills. Perhaps one triggered the other. The bills became overwhelming, and your bank account did not match the dollar amount of the debt that is about to expire. What do you do? You start complaining how God is not sufficient, as He promised.

Let’s re-look this again. Did you wake up with a rebuke to depression, and a praise of thanksgiving of what He said He would do? Did you open your bible, and place those bills at the throne of God. Sometimes we are just to busy for God. We are all guilty so don’t wear the : “Not Me T-shirt.” Shame the devil, and tell the truth.

Well, it is not your body to complain. If you lose your sight, it is God’s free will to give, and take away.   Does not mean He doesn’t love us. It means He wants to show us that we can do without all these material things. That we could be in a position to depend on Him or not. Get you a FROG (Fully Rely On God). Do you own a DOG (Depend On God)?

You may not have legs, can you not praise God? You might have cancer, Aids, diabetes, blind, a balloon pumping your heart. But the way He designed us is you are not breathing, and walking earth without a heart. It may have an irregular heartbeat, but by the grace of God you are a walking miracle because it’s still pumping. Glory to God! Give Him some praise. Stop reading for a sec……Pause & Praise Him. Are you ashamed? Ok, so praise Him.

You may have a tube feeding you, but by the grace of God you are found worthy to live another day. That’s love. It is not your body to complain about. It is your temporary shell on earth. Be concerned about your spirit, the devil is (he seeks to steal it). Wake up in the morning, and complain about your displeasing behavior, your displeasing words, your lack of faith. You should be concerned about the lies you tell, the hearts you destroy, the lack of love you show, the unpaid tithes you fail to pay. The blame you place at God’s feet for your sinful ways.

We must stop complaining, and replace it with thanksgiving, and praise ,sunshine or rain. Become humble. Not easy, but practice everyday DOG.  You did not create one thing on your body, but the sin in it. So stop complaining, like a two-year old, and give God some praises. Our body is not our own to do as we please. So don’t complain. Are you taking care of your temple? Do you smoke, drink, abuse drugs, prostitute, adultery, fornication, eat what you like when you like etc.? Well these things can cause discord, and depression which will discourage us from serving Christ. Therefore causing us to complain.

So stop blaming God, the choice is yours to live right, and walk right. Complaining is having lack of faith. Is your body your own, or God? So if it is God’s body then are you abusing it? Is it because you don’t care? Is it because you want to be rebel against God, because you are angry with Him? Let us stop complaining, and just walk one day at a time in doing what’s right. Now if your body does not belong to God, then complain to the devil, because He would be responsible for your lack there of.

Shenine – A Woman After God’s Own Heart, submitting daily to Him.