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English: Papaver 'Falling in Love'

English: Papaver ‘Falling in Love’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As children of God, please see how truly God loves us. How can we reject Him? Some things are not meant for us to understand. Not understanding keep us seeking truth, and seeking love. His love is perfect, and unconditional.  When we question Him, this is why we must not understand everything. Because it is then we become wiser than God.

We had an angel who was sought to do this, and now he is the ruler of the world. The evil one. Let us love God for who He is. This video truly spoke to me. May you be encouraged, and awakened to a Savior who loves us. Please feel free to re-blog, or share with others. You can view video to your left. Just click play button.

If you want larger view window, then click this link: http://youtu.be/KGlx11BxF24

A Woman After God’s Own Heart