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HOLY SPIRIT – FOIX (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I woke with a heart once again to receive God’s direction for me.

I began to read Psalm 91. As I read I felt empty, and a need

to shed a few tears (please don’t judge me). Lord, why do I feel so empty, and sad?

The Lord replied, you’re not. I’m emptying the flesh, and renewing the spirit.

I’m depleting the poison (anything not like me) as you requested, and making room

for my perfection. Your spirit is being taken to another level, which you do not

understand. You have sacrificed your time, while others have pass me by.

Don’t be afraid. The Holy Spirit consumed my body this morning, as I laid in a curl

position. Like a newborn baby fresh from a mother’s womb.

I laid in the peace of God, as I surrendered all understanding. More tears

surfaced, and dropped. Drip drop…..Drip drop drop….drop, drop, drop

then my tears flowed like a river at a steady pace, running down my bosom. God says

to me, “I will draw all men unto you!” I did not understand, nor do I attempt to try

and understand. I’m grateful for Him answering my prayers. I truly had no reason to

be sad because God has blessed me abundantly. I just did not understand what was

happening to me. But God is the unexpected!

A Woman After God’s Own Heart.