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Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal (Photo credit: limevelyn)

Good morning. I went to bed last night, and you were on my mind.

I couldn’t stop thinking of you. Imagine that, a thought so rare to others.

But, I’m not that way.  I have grown to trust you, with my all.

Some call me stupid for trusting you. Others say, “I need a mental psych evaluation

for following someone I can’t see. I see you with my heart.

Thanks for comforting me, but I don’t let them bother me anymore. I know what you can do. Your words alone give life to my womanhood. You speak, and a cry of new life opens from the most intimate part of me. I look below, and there is your image looking at me.

It’s funny how they say I’m insane for trusting, and following you. It is you who trust me with so much. It is you who lets me have the freedom to choose you. There was no force. You are not that way. You are thee Holy One, that treats me like a daughter of a King. It is I who sometimes let you down. Ugh flesh ……go away!

I say forget their opinions, they are just nibbles of sin trying to lure me back in. I love you with no doubt. You are my drug that I cannot do without. I know I said, ” I would never do drugs. But, you are a different drug like no other. You are out of this world. I long to be with you, so I’m willing to destroy self for you.

I confessed I do drugs every chance I get. Jesus you are my drug that I won’t quit.

I’m willing to praise, and worship you even, when I don’t want to. I will thank you in everything, even when times seem to darken around me. Why? Because I love you, and you love me.  That’s sufficient for me! What about you, is there more I can do?

As I l arose out of bed, I thought of you. You will be in my thoughts all day. I will need you to guide me in the right direction today. Thank you for protecting me, and my family. Thank you for the miracles you will perform today. Thank you for your many blessing, that will be scattered for all to partake.

I love you, my life is not the same. I smile at the fact that I’m fearfully & wonderfully made. Did I thank you for saving me, and walking with me? Thank you, I can never thank you enough. Oh, you are beautiful, and magnificent! You take my breath away.

I got my eyes on you. I don’t care what the world think of me. I belong to you, always have! They don’t understand our relationship because they don’t have one with you. That’s truth! They say I’m weird…..I say, ” I’m weird for Jesus!

A Woman After God’s Own Heart