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Denying God, is so fatal!

Peter Denying Christ Ca. 1620-1624 Daniel Tiva...

Peter Denying Christ Ca. 1620-1624 Daniel Tivart Holland Oil on canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In everything I do, it is to please the Lord.

I cannot deny Him, in any shape or form.

Sometimes you may lose a few friends.

You may have family members against you.

You may not get the job you qualify for because of prejudice.

You talk about God so much that others turn away, or say he, or

she is too religious. What exactly, does that mean? If I replied, ” he or she is too

sinful,”  would that be a compliment?”

What if on, Judgement Day, God says, “you are to sinful?” God

is my life. May we be careful not to deny Him for any purpose whatsoever ! Even

if it means not being popular, or getting the job you qualify for. There will come a time

when you will be put in a position to stand for God, or deny Him. Will you stand alone,

or will you go with the popular vote. Even if you see your brother, or sister being

wrong. You suppose to stand on truth. Not turn the other cheek.

It doesn’t matter what you do on earth, if you haven’t stood for God. It amazes me

how we can talk about the world, and yet, God has become a fairytale lost in sin to

some. God should be contagious to every heart. Too many today are allergic to God,

so to speak. If you know adultery is wrong, but you do it anyway. You are denying

God. You are choosing the other side.


Blogging has become for some an idol. So many favorites. Blog when I feel like it.

Some of you are in clichés, and being so rude, and unloving. Put the sarcasm at the

feet of Jesus. You are not better than another. We are all the same in God’s eyes. The

difference is some have a closer relationship because they seek Him daily. We all have

the open door to receive Him.

Some of you don’t show love. You don’t branch out to fellowship with new bloggers in

Christ, or not in Christ.  You got to work on being popular then help your buddy

out. You never have a word for God’s people. Seriously, be………….

encouraging. God says, show love to thy neighbor. That’s everyone.  Some

of you think your blog is more prestigious than others.



Who is it that gives you life to blog? Who is your provider? Is God please with thy

works? We all need to do a self check. At the end of the day God is my everything, and

I will not deny Him. All of this earthly stuff will fade away when you die.  People say

they love you while spelling hate. Some say they love you with a heart, hard as

stone. God is tired of people using love like it’s an adjective. It’s an action all day long.

It’s something we show to God, by acting out acts of kindness to others.


Let us show love, and stop playing church. Get off your throne, and reach out, and

connect with your sisters, and brothers. People are struggling with sickness, financial

burdens, loss of love ones, and in bondage with fear. How many of you have a prayer

list? Not judging! Let us all get our behaviors in check with God. Pray for one another.

Show acts of kindness. Get out of self. Self will destroy us.  If you not talking to God,

then who else is so important? We got movies selling out at the theater, and the house

of worship is selling dinner plates just to get people to fill a church seat.


God is the author of my life, and everything I do. This blog is to the Glory of God. I’m

nothing, and He is everything. I’m just a servant striving to be obedient, loving, and

pleasing to Him.  I don’t want to go to hell. I was at the gym, sitting in a steam room,

and knew hell is worst. Don’t need to go to hell, and  test the temperature! So daily I

think about my soul. You should too. This is truth receive it, or deny it. God is truth,

even when it hurts, or step on our toes..


A Woman After God’s Own Heart.