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Many times in the past, I found myself not truly thirsting for God, or looking for Him for that matter. I was more concerned with my personal goals, and they didn’t include God. I was busy with the man in my life, and the mansion with the white picket fence that I would live in. I found myself empty. Material things didn’t fill the emptiness I felt though.

I was doing all the things I loved, but wasn’t fulfill. My bank account was consistent above six thousand, with a hefty savings account too.  Money can make you comfortable, but it can’t buy love, or complete you. Now, let us fast forward to the present date.

Since accepting Jesus, as my Savior if I don’t find myself thirsting after the word, then I know , that my source of love, and strength has shifted from God to some other idol. That idol could be anything from being to busy, focused on self, lack of praying, lack of studying God’s word, lack of fellowship with other Believers, becoming distracted by a friend who shows love one day, and the next like a ghost.

Idols could be the smallest distraction from God. I look back, and can see my spiritual growth. Sometimes we must remember where we come from so we can see the growth.  If we don’t see the growth then we fail to praise God. We start believing He is not answering our prayers. He does. My mind needs renewing each day He gives me breath.

When I’m His presence, I get butterflies. I smile like a little girl in a candy store. It’s amazing to be in His presence. Many don’t understand I have a relationship with Him, while others have one night stands with Him. That’s why you become empty one day, and half-filled the next.

Salvation Prayer: Help Me Lord!

Help me be a little kinder Lord, when others are not.

Blind me to the faults, of others, so I may focus on my own faults.

Help me to praise, and worship you even more when I

feel helpless, and hopeless within my flesh.

Help me not to become revengeful to those who wounds

me deeply, because you are a healer. Remind me Lord, that

Salvation is an everyday commitment. Not a one time event!

Let me be filled with the Holy Spirit, and digest it daily.

Allow me to dance in your forgiveness, mercy, and grace.

Not because you command it, but because I thirst for you

now more than ever. I love you, but not as much as you love me.

Your love is pure, and without sin. Salvation has saved me once again.