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I remember talking to her, saying you going to help mommy clean?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say a picture always have a spiritual message, or lesson for us. It can tell where we are spiritually. If we are looking, and receiving with our spiritual eyes, or natural eyes in the flesh.

As I came across my daughter’s picture, who is now seven. God placed a message in my spirit. I believe it was not just for me, but for all of us in some form.

Look at the picture carefully, what does it speak to you? Let me share what was placed in my spirit.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. 

We must be part of our children lives. This entails knowing who their friends are. If they go with another friend, who is driving, are they legal. Will there be supervision? This is key. When you establish a trusting, and loving relationship. Then they are not more apt to be embarrassed, or feel threaten in your presence with their friends.

Daycare nurseries cannot be their training grounds. Don’t leave it up to the ungodly education system to teach them right from wrong.  What about their “friends” that come to your home to visit? Suppose they are wearing tongue, belly button piercings, and wearing the gothic attire? You know the black, or orange hair etc.  You immediately, object, and your teen is angry. “Don’t judge the book by its cover (because of their appearance).” I have had friends who judge based on look, and think their children are little perfections, who walk around with the bible. But you can have someone dressed well, and have all the manners in the world, but when they are out of there parent’s fantasy.  They are wild, and sneaky.

When you are not committed to the Lord, or you live a life outside of God, your children are watching you. So when they mimic, what they saw you do. You become angry, but they then turn to you, and say ” mom, and dad you do it.” Then you respond, “I’m the adult, and you don’t do as I do, but do as I say.” How hypocritical!

You live a life of Un-Godliness, and poor examples, and then becomes a saint when your child does it. My teenager son, is reared the correct way, but still chose to skip class in the past, and hang out with the crowd at school. He knew what he was taught, but I would still tell him to read his bible, and that I set the example,  because I want my words, and actions to be in alignment with God. He later was disappointed that he let me down. But most importantly, letting God down, our provider supersede my emotions!

We began to have more one on one time, and pray. I had to set more time aside. Especially, with five children. I began to ask, what was he struggling with, and try to understand why (frustrating process).  He was upset that his father had walked out of his life, but grateful for the dad, he has now. Though we assume it is the kids they hang out with. Not always the case. Sometimes it can stem from the littlest things inside the home.  Which in return can cause rebellion. They tend to hang out with others who is/has experienced the same thing.

I began to pray, with him, recognizing his feelings that he was entitled too. He knew as a mother I had done the best I could, while also knowing he was still important rather he had his biological father, or not. He is now doing well, and expresses how much of an inspiration I am to Him. He thanked me for not giving up on Him, and for being in his life. Spending time with him. Giving up my career to be full-time for him, and his sisters, and brothers. My husband, and him are closer, because he recognizes another man saw him fit, and worthy to call son. How awesome God is.


Secondly, the picture ignited another message. My daughter is pushing a vacuum that’s bigger than her, and heavier. That is a Kirby vacuum. The message is “Nothing is to big, when you have a heart of willingness to do it. I know this post is a bit long-winded, but I’m long-winded for God.

Be blessed,