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I want to share what God is tugging at my heart to do. It appears God, has been tugging at my heart more and more each day. I was asked the other day to give flowers that my husband purchased for me, to a neighbor who had just had a major surgery. I was intending to go see her, but was very busy, and kept putting it off by saying, “ah, I don’t want to bother her, she needs her rest.”

Yet, this still small calm voice kept saying give her the flowers. Next, I was getting ready to put on my shoes, and then it was placed in my spirit to send my girls with the flowers. I couldn’t fathom what was taking place at the time, but I was obedient to the Holy Spirit. There was a calmness in me. Usually, I would have been like give her my flowers….never! But something inside me, wanted to give them. My girls went over with my flowers that were given to me by my husband. I actually felt good about it, and knew if God was directing me to do it, then I would still have a husband when he finds out.

Would you believe she loved my flowers, and said it made her day. But most importantly my girls had learned a lesson on giving, and brightening someone else life. My husband gets home, and had more flowers for me. I was speechless, because I hadn’t told him about the ones I gave away. We never discussed it. My flowers I had given were more beautiful in sight than the second bouquet of flowers. But in heart that second bouquet touched my heart more because of the obedience I displayed before God.

When God ask you to do something, then just do it because God is either testing our faith, and obedience in Him. Do it right then, not later. I just wanted to share this with you because God asked me to. May it be a blessing as well as a teaching to you as it was for me.


A Woman After God’s Own Heart