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I have been asking myself , what is God up to? These test are so surreal. I had met a young lady online who had given me her number, and asked me to call, and pray for her. I prayed prior to this request, on if I should call.  Sometimes I can be so guarded, but I must remember that God is a protector, and He is faithful. He wouldn’t lead me in danger. Why would I not want to pray for this young lady? Well, I decided to call, and we talked about the goodness of the Lord. Though she had just received papers for a divorce from her spouse, and lost her grandmother, among other tragedies. She was really torn, but she still had hope of Him healing, and restoring her. She just needed encouragement.

Sometimes we need that because the devil tricks us, and we need to have someone repeat God’s promises to remind us of what God is capable of doing.  Even when it seem impossible!

We began to talk, laugh, and then I prayed for her over the phone. God had placed it upon my heart to bless her financially. I know, some of you saying “not me, I wouldn’t do that!” No you probably wouldn’t, but with God all things are possible! When you work in self, then you probably wouldn’t unless you have something to gain from it. God is a giver to His children. Since that day we have blossomed, and just share the goodness of God. One day we plan to fellowship in person. But for now I’m grateful for being able to hear God’s voice more, and more. I just got to remember to discard negative thoughts from negative people. She was discouraged, and I was able to step in ,and suffer with her with God in the middle. Encouragement goes along way, but obedience to the Holy Spirit is a life saver.

I ask for each of your prayers as she prepared for a major surgery for her ovaries, and uterus to be restored. Just send your prayers, God knows her name as He does all of His children. I’m humble, and just loving on God, and enjoying His presence. I asked a question earlier, what is God up to?

Answer: He is preparing something miraculous and promising. I can feel the butterflies fluttering inside me. Glory be to God!

Shenine – A Woman After God’s Own Heart

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