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I am a sinner who happens to be a human.

I am a human who happens to sin.

It doesn’t matter the sin or who I sinned with or against.

It doesn’t matter where the sin took place.

Because sin is just sin.  There is no right sin .

I am not proud of my sins, they disgust me.

There is one thing about my sin that has some good though.

My sins convicts me, and brings me to the mercy of my Savior for forgiveness.

I can come to Him as I am. He will fix me.

My sins, keep me seeking Him. Save me Lord!

No, don’t do it……don’t you judge me, because

you have your own sins to be forgiven.

I will always need Him, and His love.

I love Him, and He loves me.

Don’t get it confused……

He loves the sinner (me), but hates the sin.

So you should love me too. He says you must love thy neighbor

if you love Him. I’m your neighbor.

Do you love me, even though I sin?

I love you because we all sin.

When does the racism, prejudice, and bitterness ends.

No, I don’t write to your standards, but I write for our Creator.

Is that not good enough for you?

Don’t judge me you have your own sins to be forgiven.


Shenine – A Woman After God’s Own Heart