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Have you ever been insulted? Sure you have. I have been insulted for standing for God. I have been insulted for being a woman.  I have been insulted for being in an interracial relationship. I have been insulted for having five miracles, for the color of my skin, or for not blogging the way someone else would have me too. Or for leaving a comma, out of a post. I have been insulted for various reasons at some point in time. But I want to share, what I gained from the ridicule, and embarrassment that one would stoop so low to do. I have learned through my Christian walk with God, as I continue at this moment, that I can choose to pray instead of revenge, or eye for an eye.

Pray for those who insult you.” Luke 6:28

Why do people insult you?

People insult you to gain control. If they can get you to insult them back, you’ve given them the higher ground (power), and it gives them control. Don’t play their game. Give the situation to God fast, and quick.  It is not always easy to do this. Remember what God says about you. No matter the negative thing that person says, remember that God says He LOVES you. God made you, and he has a plan and purpose for your life.  Do you believe this? You should. God’s opinion is more important than any other person’s opinion on this earth.  So don’t you take revenge, you retaliate through prayer.

Prayer has Power, Purpose, and Peace!

How do you pray for somebody who has hurt you? The book of Psalms is an awesome starting point for prayers of those who insult you.  When I pray I’m honest with God of how I feel about the hurt the person has caused me. Sometimes I struggle with praying for this person because of the wound they have created. But God knows your heart so be honest, and direct with Him. Hurt combined with honest, and humble prayers move mountains on earth.

May you allow God to fight your battles. Over time it becomes easy to just trust Him. Don’t add to the fire. It feels good to turn the other cheek. No matter how many scriptures one quote, always look at their character which determines their true heart. Some people are miserable, and know of God, but don’t have a relationship with Him. Remember you are who God, says you are.

PRAY, and not Retaliate.

It’s something that must be sought daily

Lord, help me to trust you to fight my battles when my enemies try to devour me or challenge my character, or my walk with you. Bless them, and heal their wounds that cause such a bitter plague to leak out for contamination to others. Lord, by surrendering my hurt to you does not say I’m weak but that you’re a strong, and capable of handling any problem I may have. You can heal any wound I may have. Thank you for grace that allows me worthy to approach your throne of mercy. Amen.

Shenine A Woman After God’s Own Heart