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When you are blogging, and no one clicks the like button doesn’t mean they are not reading. Sometimes I get so into the message, and overwhelmed I forget the like button. But we are here to love, not like. It said God so loved the world that He gave His only and begotten son. See it says loved not liked……God is your first reader. He reads your heart.

If you are blogging, and you have five hundred followers, but only three click the light button, it’s no reason to stop blogging. God sees your actions, and others who claim to be His son or daughter.  It doesn’t mean you are not a Christian more so, or less than any other person just because no one comments, or click the like button. Remember, you are following Jesus, not Jesus following you!

When you blog for God, you should do so with a passion and desire that burns doubt. and stirs faith.  You blog for the Creator of Heaven, and earth. Glory to God!

You blog because you have a testimony of God’s greatness.  You blog because of who He is.  You blog because you love Him more than yourself.  I know self has to move out the way, and let God take control.  I may not say what you want to hear, but I blog for God in the way He sees fit for me to.  I strive to love you, encourage you, and uplift you. I blog to meet my sisters and brothers who are seeking fellowship, and for those who are lost.  I blog to share my victories over the enemy because God keeps His promises, and someone needs to know that.

I blog because my heart is still beating to the rhythm of the nails that shed innocent blood for me. I blog because I love Him. I blog because I love Him. I blog rather you click the like button, or follow button. Because when you follow, it is God whose heart you should seek. It is God’s message to you, you should seek. It is God’s promises you should seek. So if someone doesn’t click the like button doesn’t mean they are not there. So be loving, kind, truthful, and sincere in your walk with God. So faith is the unseen we know.

So when you decide to follow only those who follow you, who are you serving? Who are you blogging for? If only one person liked your post, it is okay because it only takes one person to share the good news of the Lord, and that person shares with another, and that person shares with another and before you know it God’s word is manifesting everywhere.  Keep your eyes on God no matter what!

I blog for God, and not for popularity. Because I’m popular with God. That is enough for me. He is awesome isn’t He women and men of God? We are here to blog another day Lord’s will and to encourage one another. We are a family is what God has placed in my heart to share with you. We are one. In Unity we stand, and divided we fall. God wants us to be sincere, and truthful. Be honest with God, in your fears, hurts, pain, and even your anger. Take it to the throne.  Rid self with God’s help.  We cannot do it alone. To serve others we must have a clean heart to receive God’s word for His people.

What kind of prayer would be pleasing to God that would open his ear to you?  I believe God is pleased with openness, truthfulness, earnest and sincerity. God is perfection, though we fall very short of the mark. However, I’m speaking about sincerity. God with his perfection, and power is very sensitive to sincerity. He wants the sincere heart. Pray with me:

Heavenly Father, as I kneel here frustrated and sometimes wandering in doubt. My heart questions so many things and I just don’t know what to do. I ask thee from my heart, in faith to you Lord  for help and direction to overcome these doubts, so I can deepen my faith and not lose it, for faith in you Lord  is nothing if it is not in truth and based on truth. I ask this in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.