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Many times we have that special someone in our lives, who go unnoticed. Then we have those who are like thorns in our side that gets all of our attention. Either way we should show love to all.

Today, I have not been feeling well, or in great spirits.  It happens! But it just led me closer to Christ. I just gave my heart to Him, my tears, and a simple thank you! Because no matter it be a rainy, sunny, snowy, or day of hail, I have something to be thankful for. I have a friend who will call until she get answers. She must know all is well in my heart and home. What a blessing to have someone love and care about how your day is going. Awesome God!

I want to share my heart because we should testify and share the good news when someone touches us. I want to share with you a young lady who has been in my life for sometime now. We have went through our ups and downs but it either makes us or breaks us. I have to say we have become bonded as sisters earthly, and spiritually.  We have so much in common, and so much to learn about each other still. She has really allowed God to use her. For those who don’t know her she is so private, and shy. She has a beautiful smile that warms your heart. You should go visit her blog and see her smile. Don’t forget to say hi. We both love butterflies, and tea for two.

I always wondered why the tea cups are so small, I think it is to sip while the other speaks. So when you are having tea with God, remember to sip so you can hear Him speak….I believe we suppose to get full off of love, and not tea…..smile with me, that’s refreshing! Okay back to my treasure I’m uncovering one day at a time!

God knows what we need and who we need in our lives, and at the right time.  When He places someone in your path, it’s permanent. How do I know because Nothing is temporary about God!

I was led to dedicate a piece about/to her and share her with you all, but you must send her back to me…….smiling…

A Treasure

No matter which way the wind may blow

You are in my heart wherever I may go.

We have our sunshiny days, and our rainy days too.

But at the end of that day, lies a rainbow above

created with God’s love.

Terra you are such a gift from, God that I treasure.

Angels do walk the earth, and call me from time to time.

Her name is Terra, an angel who makes me smile .

My favorite thing about Terra, is she always knows what I’m trying to say when I get overwhelmed or excited! Oh, and I love how she take close up shot of me with her camera. It reminds me how special I am to be photograph into her heart, and home.  Blessings to you, and may you have an angel that calls you from time to time, or visit. Be thankful for the small blessings, and you won’t be shocked when the big ones come.


Each of you are treasured, and blogging wouldn’t be the same without you all, who stop by here to fellowship. Please stop by and visit Terra’s blog for God: http://virtuouswoman73.wordpress.com/