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The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Have you heard this saying. I have many times over. I ponder these words over, and over. Yet, I suddenly remember when comforting someone or trying to bring clarity this applied to everyone else, but me. But honestly, for some reason when trying to apply it to self, it becomes not so clear or comforting to hear those words. Do I just as quickly say the same when I suffer grief, or loss? Instead, I somehow wondered if God is being fair to me? You ever feel or felt this way, when others lives look better off, or whose Christian life seems to be blessed when ours is in a million shattered pieces?

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I believe someone who is an example for me in the bible is Job. The adversary (Satan) was sure Job would curse God, when all his earthly wealth was taken away.  I realize it’s okay to complain to God because it’s our human way of seeking answers or sorting out the uncomfortable changes in our lives. It’s okay to knock, and seek God for answers. It brings His mercy near us. But to complain about God pushes us away. God is the decision maker, and we as Christians must trust Him fully or not at all.  There is no  middle ground of negotiating.

God does not negotiate. Our faith will be tested. When financial crisis strikes, we will be tested. We will be tempted by the devil to take the easy sinful way out.  God is watching, and waiting to see His faithful servant pass the test.  He knows the action we will take, but He waits to allow our true self to be revealed to us.  We can see who we really are. Job wanted to be on speaking terms with God. I want to remain in His presence because I know as long as He is present, I will get through my trials and tribulations.

1 Corinthians 10:13

13 No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.

I have shed many tears and just outpour my heart to God, and the weight is lightened or uplifted completely. Sometimes relief doesn’t come immediately! Sometimes it takes months, and even years in some case. Do I stop blogging for God? No…. Do I dismiss God? No, I keep coming back to Him now, even more and more frequently.  I realize like Job, the only thing left in the presence of God is wonder and humility before God. It’s His way because it is the best way.  Wait on God. Don’t be anxious in anything, but to serve Him.

Even in Job’s health deterioration, He sought God, and did not curse Him (Wow)! Be grateful for your health, and those who seem to be fighting a battle keep praying, and trusting God. You have everything to gain with Him. Serve Him, trust Him, and follow Him to the path of eternal life. We all struggle but don’t give up on God, and He won’t give up on you. Approached the throne with a humble heart willing to accept His plan and not your own. Yes, it will take some adjusting to His desires, but trust Him. We live to serve Him, and please Him.  We know not when we will be called before Him, and leave earth. We just never know! Blessings to you, may you have some spiritual food to take with you today.