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How many of you believe God is bigger than any situation we may incur? How many of you are saving yourself, instead of allowing God to save you?

I want to say to someone, that “God is Bigger” than any situation, or Obstacle in your life. It does not matter what that obstacle looks like, or smell like. It doesn’t matter the color of its skin, but know that God is bigger.

One of the key things that hinders us from being delivered from God is NEGATIVITY! Yes, if you stop and access your ups and downs, your discouragements, your depression. It will stem from negativity. Sometimes we sense the negativity, but not sure where it’s coming from. Usually, I have found it’s not from friends or strangers, but from those close to us. We refer to them as family. Sometimes we must clean up house.  How do we clean up house by cleaning our heart. How do we clean our heart by doing the following:

Refusing to listen to negative people. When someone is negative, which means they got nothing encouraging to say, then you need to delete them followed by prayer for them. You need to then think about where God has brought you from in your negative moments, and rejoice because that same God that delivered you is still present with you. Last you must resist temptation from those who will test your character by tempting you. Many times you have people who will insult you, degrade you, and make you feel like a failure. Make you feel unsuccessful.

Personally, my definition of unsuccessful is a life without Jesus. Because a life without Jesus is a major failure, followed by a disaster. Sometimes, others can see your blessings, and it stirs them up something awful, and they attack. You attack back with the word of God, which is God will fight my battles for me. Amen. Know your place with God, you don’t have to be a famous person, or a millionaire in God’s sight. My God is bigger than your bank account. Bigger than your Mercedes-Benz. Bigger than your job position. Bigger than your brain can comprehend.

Everybody that look like you by the color of skin doesn’t mean they are for you. Some people cannot be happy and share your glory because they are to busy competing for what you have. I’m not talking material things, but love, and having the character of God because any true Christian knows that you cannot buy God, you cannot pay to get into Heaven, and you cannot buy a child of God because the price has already been paid. Forgive my punctuation errors but I feel my help taking over. The Holy Spirit is my help. Besides grammar and punctuation don’t get you into Heaven either.

My God is bigger, and He can fix anything, and heal anyone. He is a life changing God. He is not to be understood, but He is to be obeyed and praised with the highest praise you can humanly give Him. Glory to God. He is a Sovereign God who answers to no one. He is bigger than you. He is magnificent, awesome, a mind-blowing God!

For those who put you down and ridicule you. You need to delete them because you have no time or room for negativity to manifest in your temple for God.  For every struggle we face daily, God has a plan (strategy) to fix us. God knows our struggles, and sees them. He is bigger than any bill, or financial crisis. May you be blessed and encouraged to rid negativity in your life so you can hear God’s voice. God will equip you with what you need, so don’t go looking for it in the store. Stop saving yourself, and allow God to do what He is good at doing. Don’t get mad at me for getting my blessings. Because the same God who blesses me will bless you. If you are showing love then you already in position to receive.

If someone shows up, and decides to show out, and they not praising God then delete them, but pray for them. Don’t mistreat them or become bitter. Just politely delete them. Your soul is at stake. Because if you don’t delete them then he or she will drain you and caused you to lose sight of God.

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Blessings to you.