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Praises to God this day for I have a praise, and a testimony. My testimony is this! Don’t worry about being in man’s background when you are in God’s foreground. So if you are a teacher at a school, who seems to get overlooked because you are not the principal or the teacher of the year it’s okay.

If you are just a small employee who takes out the trash (janitor), or the stay at home mom who gets downgraded because society says, it isn’t a real job, your family thinks it’s not a job.  Or because you’re not the broker of some real estate firm, but just a realtor. Or just a blogger with one or two followers. Or because you rent, and not a homeowner. Don’t worry about it because many homeowners are struggling with their mortgage while putting you down.   It’s okay because Good sees you doing the small task with a clean, and content heart.  We must do the small assignments of God, and He will prepare you for the big ones.

Man is not responsible for when you get promoted, nor can man label your success with God. Be thankful in the small things. God is the giver of life, and death. God is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Make sure your character is in alignment with God. Many are walking around with Charisma, and no character. When you go on your job give Him some praise. Go into your vehicle, or the restroom, and give Him some praises because He is a God who does the unexpected. He is a God that is life changing. He is a God that performs miracles.  How do I know this because I’m a living testimony of a 2 lb. 2oz. miracle. You are a miracle no matter your birth weight. Glory to God get up and thank Him. Sit down and thank Him. Run and thank Him. Walk and thank Him.

Vacuum, and thank Him . Sweep, and thank Him. Jump, and thank Him.  Above all pray, and thank Him. Many of you are so high maintenance in SELF, and low maintenance with God! You don’t have time to help your brethren out. You don’t have time to pick your sister up. Because you to busy counting your success from the enemy, or taking from the poor to get ahead.  That means the enemy put you there, not God. Because if God placed you there you would help your brethren out.  You wouldn’t worry about them taking your job, or your position. When God gives you something, or places you it is good. Only you can destroy it with self (flesh)!

Stop listening to the voices of the enemy, and walk in love. Praise Him, when you feel like you can’t. Praise Him even if your day is going bad. It will take your mind off the negativity of your circumstances. Now say with me, Awesome God! Magnificent God!, Life Changing God! Miracle working God! Loving God! Healing God! Comforting God! Powerful God! I Love you God! I adore you God! Forgive me God! Thank you God! As you begin to praise Him, something happens on the inside of you. If not keep praising Him until it does.

You not to cute to praise Him, or to manly. You can have one leg and praise Him. Blind and praise Him.

May you be encouraged to trust God even when things are turned upside down.

Shenine A Woman After God’s Own Heart