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I realized as I have gone before God in prayer, trying to work on those difficult areas that needs to stay in alignment with God.  I realize when prayers go up doors open that needs to be opened, and doors close that needs to be closed.  Sometimes I become discouraged, but I began to pray to God, and one thing that never changes in my heart is “My God is Bigger!” I began to repeat this, and I feel my help from the Lord.

I’m here to tell you that God has a strategy for every struggle there is.  It doesn’t matter how big it is….. Each day I surrender to Him, because when I don’t things seems bigger than God to me. Though I know it’s not the case. We have to be more than a good person. We have to be a faithful Christian, and that means trusting God, even when it’s hard to do. Don’t fool yourself, we all have struggles.  The key is knowing that God has a strategy for our struggles.  By knowing this we can trust Him, and allow Him to step in.

Don’t be in denial.. you see I can go before God because I’m honest with my struggles.  When I give them to Him, I leave them there.  I don’t have to broadcast my struggles for a public spectacle because God looks for the honest, sincere heart that seeks Him daily. So does that mean I’m phony, or in denial? No.  Once I release my struggle, then it’s no longer my struggle, but His.  So I trust Him to handle it, which means to no longer claim that particular struggle. Deter away from it as if it is done, or as if you are healed because by doing so you activate your FAITH. When I share my ex-struggle it will become a testimony of God’s goodness. Not a pity party, but a praise party.

Blessings to you!