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Lies (Photo credit: tq2cute)

A question that is posed to each and every one of us? I think we are our best critics in judging ourselves. What does your reflection speak to YOU?

Do you wake up each day planning to go to the gym, and workout for an hour, but you spend ten minutes looking for a front space parking spot, or fixing your hair? What is your true agenda? If you are going to workout then it doesn’t matter where you park. Its exercise or what I consider my warm-up to walk from a distant parking space.

Do you say you are a loving person, but when it is time to show love, you got excuses, or you are not feeling well? Do you makeup things so you don’t have to give? Because deep down you’re selfish. But you walk around in your external shell to others pretending to be a Christian?

Do you say no one loves you, but the minute someone shows love you reject it.  Or perhaps you keep it on the down low because you like playing victim? Are you the one who just posted a post on love your neighbors, but you just cursed the woman in the grocery line who you believed cut in front of you? Maybe you collect lots of recipes, yet you don’t like to cook, or never cook. So invest in something you love and not a show for others. Pretending is not fooling God.

Something as small as a lie bothers me, because as a Christian, I know God hates a LIAR!

Perhaps you are the one in debt because you purchase new things when you have things in your closet or home that you never worn before. Or maybe you’re the one who just got baptized for all to see, but it’s a mere cover-up because you’re having an affair.

Maybe you say you love your brother or sister but you don’t fellowship on their blog because you are much holier than them. Maybe you call your sister and brother because you’re bored not because you care about them, or miss them. What’s on the inside will reflect the outside. Have you volunteered for something just to be seen, but when it came time to commit, you backed down?

Do you give credit to others who have not been there for you just because you admire their popularity, but ignore those who have picked you up? Do you share the goodness of someone who encouraged you, and sat with you when you were depressed and sick, or do you deny their love… in secrecy? God wants us to share the good news so others may be encouraged.

Perhaps a friend, or family member did something for you, but you praise others as a slap in the face to them….Is that Godly?

We are to strive to do what’s right. When someone does a great deed, God ultimately gets the credit because He softened that person heart, and answered your prayers through their kind act. Do you say you’re here to fellowship, but you sit with bitterness behind a smile?

Have you considered looking at your reflection today, and making sure it is in alignment with God’s love? We must work daily on the image we live, and the image we portray to others, but most importantly, ourselves. There is no judging!  Let our insides be in alignment with God. If you tell one lie then you must tell another lie…..eventually you live a life of LIES!

Heavenly Father, may my actions, and words be in alignment with your word. May you convict me by the Holy Spirit of anything that is not of you. May I continue to be an example to others of showing love, even when others are not that way with me. I ask forgiveness for those I may have offended or hurt rather intentional or unintentional. That I be truthful because a lie only brings distance between us. I pray for those that are bitter, and unloving. That you show them the truth , and light. Amen.

Running away from truth is running away from God. Be your own judge as you reflect on the real you.