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photo credit:fireflymediaservices.com

You woke up this morning, and things seem to be going downhill. Family is having personal issues, marriage is in a unlovable place. Your children are going their own path. Husband never have time for you. Wife is unhappy. Job is underpaying you.  Well, one thing that is going great is God loves you. That should count for something. It does for me. Knowing He loves me, means He is with me.  Knowing He is with me, says to me He will deliver me.  So I give Him my hurt, struggles, disappointments, fears, and pain of today, at this very moment.

I’m releasing them right now.  Will you release yours with me, and give them to Him.  Are you feeling better? It will not work itself out, that’s the trick of the enemy. God will work it out…..say it “My God Is Bigger,” than your giant!”

Praises to the King, our Creator…The Holy One! Lord, I surrender to you. Today is a beautiful day because you created it…..I’m not having a bad day, but someone is and needs encouragement, and direction. So give it to God and praise Him doing your rainy days. Give thanks during your sunny days!

I’m having a God-filled Day! Just letting God do what He does best.