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Wake up with a positive mindset, not because everything is positive, but because God is near.  He is waiting on you to praise Him, thank Him and Glorify His name. Surely, you have something to be thankful for. Okay, you don’t know where that extra money is going to come from today. If you just give Him some praises in advance I believe He got it all worked out.

You may be dealing with some health issues, but if you would thank him in advance , I believe He got a time of healing stored just for you. What if today is the day? But you decided to dwell on your sickness instead of praising Him. I believe God is faithful, and He answers prayers. How do I know because He answered the prayers of those sisters and brothers we prayed for, and they are still being answered. I say thank you for your prayers. Katie has made a great recovery for her surgery which was near the cancer stage. God is awesome….words don’t describe His magnificent works.

You may have a child who is rebelling, or going through but I’m here to tell you that God is in control on the inside, no matter what the outside looks like. I know from experience because I tried God, and He kept His promises to me. Many times, many would look down on me from the actions of my son, but God was working on something greater. I did not give in, and I didn’t give up on him. Because no matter how many times I wanted to throw in the towel, I stayed through the storm of suffering, and God has blessed me to see my son do a 360 turn around . He is still working on him.

God don’t make no mistakes, or junk when He gives you a son or daughter. He knew their name before you did. There sex before you did. So if He gave them to you, He has a solution. Somebody prayed for you, and didn’t give up on you when you were doing your wrong.  Okay maybe you were a good child, but now you’re a rebellious adult…..what do I mean? Your Heavenly Father can’t tell you anything because you won’t listen, or you don’t have time for Him.

What will today bring? You determine the outcome of your emotional state, and your faith by including God throughout your day. How? By trusting Him, even when the outside looks broken, and hopeless. Today is filled with promises of God, filled with love, a heart to encourage and uplift others. A time to forgive, and be forgiven. A day to release bitterness, and put away childish games. A time to stop throwing pity parties. A day to act like a son and daughter of the Creator of the universe.

Surrounded by Jesus

Lord be in front of me so I may go the right path.

Be inside me so I can be an example for all to see.

Be behind me so if I lose hope, I will run right back into your loving arms.

I want to be surrounded by your love, and protection daily.