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photo credit: romancingamerica.com


An indescribable love

that wasn’t meant to be put into

words but action.

An indescribable love that

fulfills, and doesn’t steal.

A love so pure and strong that

forgives the unforgivable. Loves the difficult, and un-lovable.

A love that mends a million broken pieces in a blink of an eye.

A love that died for you, and me.

An indescribable love that cures the un-curable.

A love that waits on you day, and night to

surrender without a fight. A love that loves you back.

An indescribable love from above that Loves, Loves, and Loves.

A love that we try to explain, but we can’t because His love isn’t the

same as our love. You ask me why, or how? Because His love for us never

change. His love cannot be described, but it must be sought, and lived for others

to see, and know that the indescribable love that we try to describe in words

is real.