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photo credit: agodman.com

How blessed I am, to be blessed with another day to praise and worship you in every way.

A day to rest in you, and see what directions you have to give.

Or possibly allow my heart to see the sins you want to reveal .

I’m okay with that because it is your ways I seek.

How blessed I am to be called your daughter, daughter of a King! I accepted

and made a choice to obey your orders. How, I see my heart growing each and every day

in Love for those who love me back, and those that harden their heart.

I realize some of them are lost, and apart from your love.

So I will take today to rest and pray, in hopes of being your faithful servant

and show others the way. I won’t dwell on their actions, or question with why’s.

I will keep my eyes on you, and my heart apart from LIES.

How blessed I am to have the privilege, and desire to approach your throne.

With my heart in your hands, nothing can go wrong.  Remember, today is the Sabbath Day!

A day to rest, worship, and pray. It is not a time for even children to play.

Rebuke the enemy, and send him away. I want each of you to Rest in God, in every way.

Children of the Most High, have a beautiful, blessed, and restful day in Christ.

Shenine- A Woman After God’s Own Heart