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Each and everyday, I become more grateful, and thankful. Sometimes it is hard to do. Being human makes us want things when we want them. We tend to want doors open that God wants closed. We are not patient sometimes in our busyness. I want to encourage you to know that God is in every situation bad, or good. He won’t leave us or turn His back on us. There are days that I feel like things are in slow motion, and then there are days things seem to spiral out of control as if God is on vacation.  You start feeling alone, or forgotten.

An Internal change is taken place……and the enemy gets desperate. The enemy throws what he got to lure you in for the KILL!

But it’s just the trick of the enemy, because God is forever present with us. I have a process to go through because I chose to do it God’s way(His time – His way). The great news is that I can see the progress.  The enemy has tried to discourage me, trick me, but I remain encouraged. The enemy has tried to poison me with its bitter heart, but I keep coming back to the throne of God, and made a decision to love, and seek forgiveness for those who wound me, and those who I may have wounded.

We shouldn’t judge others because we are a work in progress ourselves. Sometimes we must become still, and search our hearts by working on ourselves. Sometimes what we look for in others, or expect from a spouse or a friend, could become our downfall. Don’t compare yourselves to others.  Be content with how God made you. If we were concerned with what God thinks of us, better than what others think,we would be Faithful Christians living out God’s purpose for us. We all have seen other people that we like. We like their style, and confidence. We want to emulate certain traits they possess thinking it will help us to be more likeable, more valuable, more interesting, maybe even more prosperous. We tend to take on our surroundings, and values from our parents. Some values were good, but some values from our parents, or guardians should have been buried.

Do you feel overweight, unattractive, too skinny, uncreative, unworthy, or just lost to your purpose on earth? Lay it at the throne of God, not the lap of man.  Remember you are a Process In Progress! What does that mean? It’s a process. When a car is being built it goes through different stations for  particular parts that’s built specifically for it. So if a Ford is being built, the machinery is built for it only. The parts would not fit a Mercedes-Benz. Accept the you God made.

That’s how we are built. We require special surgery to fix us. Only our Creator has the tools to fix us because He created us. So be happy with your identity in Christ! Women stop comparing yourself with other women. Men stop competing with who has the largest bank account, or better looking woman. Love the woman you are with for her. You are who you are by divine creation. Let go of the earthly traps, and grab hold of God’s promises for YOU!

photo credit: spiritualinspiration.tumblr.com

Through my life this has been at times a real challenge. Often I had felt as though I was not good enough to be who God created me to be. I was told unpleasant things as a child, verbally, and physical abuse.  Emotionally, I felt like that “Ugly Duckling” (a walking abortion)! But now that I seek Christ, I’m blossoming into a beautiful swan. Those close to me view me as energetic, outgoing, loving, caring, humorous, and encouraging. Sometimes I can be very bold, and straightforward, but loving in words still. I’m still somewhat reserved and watchful as we should be.

Just love on yourselves, by loving who God created you to be.

Proverbs 8:22 The LORD possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old.