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photo credit: bitsofwisdom.org

Competing, a word of action that steals your joy, and doesn’t allow love to flow in.  Why do we find the need to compete so much with each other? Are we not content with how our Creator,  designed us? You have women competing over who looks better, who is smaller or who has the longest hair. The men compete with each other over money, who has the better looking wife, or drive the best named car.  What you live in, and what you drive is not your success, but your downfall. We are supposed to be completing each other.

How do we do that? We do that by helping our sisters, and brothers. If you know a craft then teach it.  If your sister is struggling with her hair then give her some advice. If she is overweight then workout with her, or him. Stop competing, and start completing by being sincere Christians.  Some are trying to out-do others on their blog . For what? We are all designed with different abilities for us to come together, and share – not to out shine the other. Usually, if you are jealous of another, it’s because you dislike something in yourself! Example: If you see your friend who is in shape then you may find yourself talking against her, or about her to a spouse or friend. You will have to find something wrong with him/her to gossip about because you may be overweight. Start loving God and yourself, and you won’t feel the need to tear down, or compete.

You have people lying about the simplest things because they’re competing instead of showing real love. Many are doing tick for tack, or being bitter. Not showing love at all. I know people who will go out their way to make me jealous, but I’m content with my gifts from God. Beauty is  just an opinion of man. Thank God! You have husbands and wives competing with one another by having separate accounts, and seeing who can make the most money. That’s absurd! Jesus, says you are one! So there should be one bank account, and a savings account. If you operate as two separate individuals, then don’t be alarmed when you are divorced like two individuals.  Remember, you walked outside of God’s plan for the two of you.

Stop competing and start completing. Stop trying to out-do each other, and just shine by showing sincere LOVE…  Be servant’s to each other, and God! God is awesome, and you are awesome because He designed you! Glory to God! I’m blessed to be ME! More importantly, I’m blessed because I have a heart to help others, share with others, and sincerely love others, even when they are deceitful, and phony in their walk of Love, with me. Why? Because we suppose to be pleasing to God. He holds the keys to Heaven. He has the last say so. We are brothers, and sisters so let us complete each other.

Strive to love the difficult! Even when you know someone is not being true to you.  Love them even more. Because God has never given up on you!

Be blessed in your new walk to complete and not compete.

Shenine – A Woman After God’s Own Heart!