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Now here is a word that we have beat up! Worrying. We all do this at some point in time. Some of us worry all the time. We worry about bills, our children, our health, our relationships, and even our faith in Christ.  Some of us worry over nothing. We tend to create things to worry about. Worrying is almost impossible to avoid, but if we give our problems to Christ daily we can eliminate the worrying process by giving it to Him.  Then we can focus on just trusting Him more.

Just release your worries by confessing one by one, name by name to Him. Put your worries in your bible, and declare the victory you have over them. Most of the things we worry about, we can’t change, can we? Some problems are to big for us, but not to God. Worrying is negative faith that robs our joy, and keeps us from God’s purpose for us. I just live day-to-day because truly that’s all that’s given.  Tomorrow brings the unknown to us. Some of us won’t open our eyes to earth anymore. So believe God now in His promises, and not on the day of judgment.

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You may be worrying about finances, what have you done to better them? Once you do your part then the rest is up to Christ.  It’s His will, His way, and His time!  Wow, I said a mouth full. It’s not always easy to unload on God because our human nature keeps us dabbling in the problem. We are not God!

We were put here to desire Him, and need Him. Not when it’s convenience, but every second. So when you worry, you are not trusting God. It becomes negative faith. Negative faith is no faith at all! One day at a time with Jesus, cast your cares away. He will supply your every need in His time, not yours.  Tell that negative faith to go away.

Stop creating problems in your life. Just be a servant who desires God each day. Take it one day at a time. Worrying about your future will depress you, and make you ill. What’s the point in that when you are not promised those days here on earth?  I love you and may this post be of encouragement to you. I want to have peace of mind in the midst of my storms. Only God can give me this, so I must trust Him from the beginning. So if I don’t seem like I care, I do. I just decided to let God, handle my problems because He deals with them better than me. My heart has been lightened as I give my problems to God. Give it to Him, even if it’s an emotional worry too…………….Hugs.


Shenine – A Woman After God’s Own Heart