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photo credit: pinterest.com

In most of my trying, difficult times of trouble, I would ask God what went wrong. The answer was me! Anytime the simplest thing, or bad vibe came my way, I would get all emotional, react, and fall to pieces. I found I can sometimes be my biggest problem. How about you? Don’t get me wrong there are people who ignites the fire, but only you can fuel it. You must not give in to temptation of the flesh from self, and others. God must always be in control so we don’t self destruct.

Everything will begin to bother me. I would get flustered and react without thinking about what’s pleasing to God! Ugh, I hate when that happens, but I know God hears my prayers of asking for help from Him, and Him alone. Yes, I need to hear from God alone, especially on days where the actions, and words of others take a toll on me. So if we just decrease, God will increase in us. The next time you feel like you are falling to pieces, and just lost to what to do, say, or how to even react to a situation. Just decrease, and ask God to increase in you!

When others try to make you jealous, bitter, feel unworthy, not being honest, not showing love, or just trying to bring you out of character! Decrease, and ask God to increase in your life. He will, in His time. Just because you don’t see changes overnight doesn’t means He is not there. I ask the righteous and those sincere in prayer to pray for me that God always be an increase in my life, and words. Amen.