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Romans 8:28

photo credit: pinterest.com

God says love others. This mean allowing others to be themselves. Perhaps most of us may have expectations of others (we all have). What exactly does that mean? You may expect a friend to call you on your special day, such as an anniversary, or birthday, and they don’t.  Most of mine friends remember, and some don’t. Its based on the individual. I realized over a period of time that my happiness couldn’t, and shouldn’t be based on my expectations from others. Why? People can really hurt you, and not give it a second thought. Some may do it intentionally because of their hurt!

If that friend, husband, wife, child, or parent make false promises, or fail to meet your expectations by showing love…….don’t worry about it because your happiness should be based on the promises, and love of GOD, NOT MAN! I mean don’t take abuse from others, or surround yourself with negative people who constantly, drain you and depend on you to make them happy, or feel their voids. It’s like an elevator trying to meet each other expectations. Some people don’t know what they want. If you try to show them love it’s rejected, or filled with excuses and lies!

Don’t be upset because God sees your heart, and their heart too. He knows all things.

You still show love, but guard your heart from the poison stuff that can cause you to become bitter, or distract you from God! Empty relationships do exist.  If you try to love others, especially difficult people who rely on you for their happiness it becomes empty. Personally, I want to be surrounded with loving relationships filled with honesty, and a heart of compassion. Not one filled with lies, and deceit. My love for others will always remain because this is what God commands. God has truly been opening my eyes even if I didn’t want to accept it. I have a heart that’s very giving in every way, and love encouraging others.

I would usually become wounded. But God spoke to me that when He asked me to show love, He was looking to see if I will obey, and do it with a sincere heart, and I do. He never said others wouldn’t reject that love!  I always keep my promises to others even when they don’t. So I truly can smile and be content with my actions of love because God sees all, and knows all. I’m grateful He knows all things. Aren’t you!

You may be reading this, and prayed a prayer asking for love, but when God answered your prayer, you rejected it!

When you love, you want love to love you back, right? God love is the only promising love!

Love is give, always. Not tick for tack! No matter how we as people behave or are; we all want to be loved unconditionally! So don’t expect more from someone than who they are, or to do anything more than they want to do.

Shenine  – A Woman After God’s Own Heart!