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The Homeless Bag Project

photo credit: Pinterest.com

How many times do you walk pass a homeless person, or just looked down on them? Do you even regard them as human beings? Do you regard them as God’s children? I started sponsoring a little girl name Annet over in Uganda through Compassion. My family and I, just love writing to her and sowing a seed each month to her, and her family. Giving back to those less fortunate. It’s awesome to share our blessings from God with others.


Meet Annet she is such a blessing to my family too. We are touched by this angel.

Yet, there is something I want to do with my kids to help others we encounter each day. So there it was placed in my heart to make homeless bags with my children to keep in our vehicles, to give out to those who are homeless. So this weekend we will make bags, and give to the homeless because they belong to God too. It is not polite to turn away, or look down on others who have less than we have. Most importantly, we must teach our children about giving, and loving others as they are.

Not to judge, or belittle them because we don’t know there walk. How can you simply walk past them, without even acknowledging them? That could be you one day especially, the way the economy is. Think about it….You lose your job, and fall behind on mortgage and bills, and then you try to live with family members, but they don’t allow you in. It can happen in the blink of an eye!  So be careful who you look down on.

Well, I will get back to you on what we decide to pack for the homeless bags. My children will be excited to make these. We will share our journey along the way of God’s unyielding Love for all.

Life Unexpected : Helping Homeless people feel the love of a Compassionate God!