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Is life really about taking risks? Take a leap of FAITH-not risks! Risks are not guaranteed, but God’s promises are.

As I ponder on this statement, I hear so often. They say life is about taking risks .

We get sick with all sorts of diseases, and ailments like: cancer, aids, fibromyalgia, diabetes, liver diseases, migraines, depression, or just the feeling of inadequacy in our life. Yet, the bible says Jesus is our Savior, Deliverer, Comforter, and Healer. He is the giver of life, and death. So is life about taking risk? If our hope is in Jesus, and He says He will never leave us, and can do the impossible, then is life truly a risk?

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If we have a purpose, and a certain amount of time on earth, pre-destined, by Our Heavenly Father then life is about being obedient, showing love, and living by Faith. Risks are associated with flesh, and our struggles with right, and wrong. Don’t test God! The only risk that exists today is disobedience, and walking around faithless, or putting faith in the hands of the enemy. This entails giving your soul to hell.  Don’t take risks. When you have faith you don’t take gambles, or risks. You just step out on your faith to a promising God! You cannot gamble your way into Heaven!

Live each second, minute, and day by FAITH. Strive, to be pleasing even when it seems so far away, or when you have days where you feel unworthy to love or be loved. We all struggle with something, rather we admit it, or not.  Life is simply having faith in Jesus, and starting over each day building that faith, and sharing it with others. So they can be encouraged to build their faith. Risks are the enemy’s tactics to discourage us. Amen.

If you take a risk…may God be it because, He is faithful and won’t let you down. He is the only guarantee!